Annotated Corpus of Luwian Texts

This is a pilot version of the Annotated Corpus of Luwian Texts (ACLT). It comprises the analysis the Iron Age Luwian texts, most of which are included in the published volumes of the Corpus of Hieroglyphic Luwian Inscriptions (CHLI) by J. David Hawkins, as well as the cuneiform texts of the Bronze Age published in the Die keilschrift-luwischen Texte in Umschrift (StBoT 30) by Frank Starke. This initial phase of this project has been completed with the assistance of a research grant of the Corpus Linguistics Program sponsored by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Ilya Yakubovich acted as the principal investigator of the project, whose team consisted of Dr. Timofey Arkhangelskiy, Mr. Sergey Boroday, and Dr. Alexei Kassian. The corpus extension is planned for the near future, with the eventual goal of preparing a corpus-based comparative dictionary of all the minor Anatolian languages. The work on the project was further facilitated by a Humboldt Fellowship tenured by Ilya Yakubovich at the Philipps Universität Marburg in 2013–15. Special thanks go to Martien Dillo for his corrections and suggestions.

A special feature of the Luwian corpus, which sets it apart from the electronic corpora of better-known languages, is the absence of an up-to-date Luwian dictionary in hieroglyphic transmission. The compilation of the corpus could hardly be separated from deciphering the Anatolian Hieroglyphs and interpreting the Luwian lexicon. This is why the interface of the corpus contains the provisional Luwian glossaries, whose lemmata can be used as entries for automated search. For practical reasons, the glossaries to the cuneiform and hieroglyphic corpora are given separately, even though they reflect essentially the same language. Ilya Yakubovich takes the entire responsibility for the interpretative transliteration conventions adopted in the glossary. The narrow transliteration of the hieroglyphic texts used in the corpus generally follows the system of the CHLI but incorporates several modifications reflecting the recent progress in the Luwian Studies. The narrow transliteration of the cuneiform texts reflects the conventions of StBoT 30 and its computer adaptation by H. Craig Melchert. Note that the present corpus, as a rule, does not contain isolated Luwian forms occurring in Hittite texts.

The present corpus is a work in progress and its direct citation is not recommended. The corrections of both linguistic and technical errors will be warmly welcomed. For linguistic issues, please contact Ilya Yakubovich (

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). For possible problems with computer interface, please contact Timofey Arkhangelskiy (). If you wish to cite the new interpretations offered in the corpus, you can give credit to the ACLT (together with its URL). Original interpretations implicit in the database can be cited with reference to the personal communication of Ilya Yakubovich. If you wish to refer to the sketch of the Luwian grammar available at this website, please cite it according to its principal location as: Ilya Yakubovich, “The Luwian Language”. Oxford Handbooks Online (21 Oct. 2015).